Category: Entrees

Fish Kat-a-Kat
Remove the skin from the fish, clean thoroughly, wash and pat dry. Keep it aside. On medium low heat, using a non-stick…
March 22, 2021Entrees
No-Meat Coconut Kadhi Khausey
This recipe will be made in 3 different parts Coconut Curry  In a medium-size non-stick pan spray oil for 2 seconds and…
November 26, 2020Entrees
Beef Pasandey
Wash and clean the steak; pat dry and set aside. In a blender, combine yogurt, papaya, ginger paste, garlic paste and salt…
July 9, 2020Entrees
Achaar Chicken
Heat a saucepan over medium heat; add oil and onion. Sauté for 3 to 5 minutes. Add chicken and all of the…
June 16, 2020Entrees
Chicken Haleem
In a medium bowl, combine barley and 4 cups of water and soak for 4 hours. Drain the water. In a medium…
June 10, 2020Entrees
Daal with Kadu
Combine the Daals in a cooking pot and rinse well. Add water and set aside for thirty minutes then do a final rinse.…
May 30, 2020Entrees
Salmon with Mango Salsa and Sweet Potatoes
Combine all the dry spices in a bowl; add minced garlic and olive oil. Mix well into paste consistency Rub the mixture…
May 25, 2020Entrees
Tandoori Chicken Bites
Place chicken breast pieces in a bowl. Add yogurt, garlic & ginger paste, olive oil, ground cumin, ground red pepper, paprika, ground turmeric,…
May 27, 2017Entrees
Guvar Aloo Salan
Rinse the cluster beans in cool water. Set aside. In a medium size pot, add the 4 cups of tap water over high…
September 28, 2016Entrees
Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimp
Boil pasta in water, following package instructions. Rinse and drain pasta and set aside. In a sauté pan, on medium high heat,…
July 19, 2014Entrees, For Kids, Lunch
Chicken Keema Masala
In a blender, add yogurt, ginger paste, garlic paste, cilantro and jalapeño peppers and puree. In a small non-stick skillet, over medium…
June 21, 2014Entrees
Vegetable Fried Rice
In a medium saucepan, over medium high heat, add rice, water, and 1 teaspoon of lemongrass; bring to a quick boil and stir.…
June 8, 2014Entrees
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